DIY Lemon scrap Vinegar

A little while back whilst I was in the process of making Limoncello (we are rather fond of it), I was wondering what I could do with the leftover lemon flesh.

You see, Limoncello only requires the lemon rind to make its beautiful nectar & as I had sourced organic un-waxed lemons I wanted to use every little last piece of them.

What to do? – Pinterest…my favourite friend would enlighten me for sure!

I came across a recipe to make a lemon spray which can be used for all sorts of cleaning jobs & its ridiculously simple.  Its the perfect way to reuse those rinds or peelings from citrus fruit – zero waste eating!!

Are you ready…here goes….

  1. Take your lemon or orange scraps, flesh, peels, whatever & add them to a big ‘ol jar of white vinegar – you can get bulk vinegar at some bulk shops (its cheap too), but if you can’t get hold of it, purchase the biggest bottle you can find & recycle it when finished

  2. Leave them to sit & merge into lemony, vinegar goodness for at least 2 weeks

  3. Remove the scraps, compost or dig a hole in the garden…or someone else’s garden on the sly.

  4. Dilute the lemon vinegar 1:1 with water & add to a spray bottle

  5. Get cleaning

*If you’re feeling fancy pop in some sprigs of rosemary.  It looks great & adds a nice scent as well.

Once you have this in your spray bottle the world is your oyster!

Use it in place of your regular kitchen sprays (will make short work of bacteria as it is a known disinfectant)

  • I do recommend a patch test first on surfaces, just to be sure – vinegar is acidic & you dont want to it to spoil anything so dont forget to dilute it with water!!

  • For loo cleaning add ¼ cup of Bi-carb soda (is there nothing this wonder powder can’t do) in the bowl & spritz in your lemon vinegar.  It will fizz up – leave for 10 mins & clean with your toilet brush – plastic free cleaning at its best!

Now if you are wondering how that Limoncello (recipe here) is coming along, its not far off.  It has another 2 weeks to sit with the peels & sugar syrup until I can give it a test – I will keep you in the loop as to its success!!

Much PF love

Sarah xx