Extra tasty crispy Quinoa Patties

Not having Plastic wrapped “convenience foods” (I use that term loosely, due to their fall out further down the track) on hand I need to have some simple things I can whip up, store well & are versatile.  This is one on those recipes.

My friend Ailsa led me to these fellows & they have become a staple for me, I loooooove them. The are like my Green Eggs & Ham.  The original recipe came from the amazing book Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson & I’ve adapted it a wee bit to suit my “chuck whatever I have on hand”, style of cooking.  If you haven’t seen her cookbook check it out, lots of tasty morsels in there.  

These are my take on her Quinoa patties, they are like plastic free “hash browns’, without the potato…nom nom nom. 

Perfect as a side to soups or salads instead of bread.  Also a bit of a nice snack cold with savoury toppings like avocado or cheese or as a breakie treat with poached eggs.  A nice wee side of protein goodness for your tummy.  Feel free to add any bits that you like. I’ve since discovered that my sister also makes these, but likes to add a little cooked mashed Kumera to them for extra goodness.  Versatile fellows indeed!

If you fancy a Vegan version leave out the cheese & use the Chia seed egg replacement suggestion.

They freeze really well & can be whipped out at a moment’s notice & reheated in the pan, bonus crisping time!

So if you fancy making these tasty fellows check out the recipe here  

*Warning – they are very addictive!

Enjoy S x