Friday night takeaways Plastic free

Who said living plastic free means going with out take away treats?!

Friday saw me absolutley shattered & craving some nourishing Indian food with loads of  Garlic naan for sauce mopping. 

There is this awesome place local place that dishes up the most authentitic deliciously nouishing food called the Indian Joint.  These guys are so good, food made with such love, care & all the trimmings…..takes me right back to India overtime I eat it.  (Note as I type this I wish is still had leftovers!)

Living without plastic means leaving behind those flimsy plastic, BPA laden takeaway containers & thats AOK with me.  I enjoy takeaways, nothing better than a hot meal cooked by someone else ready to eat as soon as you get home but as I was avoiding those containers I found myself sitting in places to eat more.  Its a whole new experience, one I didn’t do that often in the past, but now I love slowing down to enjoy the meal & the dinning experience.  But on this Friday night I wanted to be on my couch in my PJs where I could mop up the delightful sauce of the Malai Koftas in comfort……not style.

So I called them up & asked if I could bring my own containers.  They took my order told me how many containers I would need, very thoughtful indeed. I found some suitable vessels & off I trotted.

Sometimes Im not really sure what sort of response I will get.  I worry that they will think I’m a little odd bringing along an assortment of containers. 

These guys were awesome & totally got what I was doing.  They do use paper bags for takeaways instead of the 5minute plastic numbers you often see.  They even popped some extra sauces in my containers & poppadums…man did I go home with a feast! Not the best snap as I was just to eager to tuck into it, but you get the idea.

So there you go! Its easy enough speak to your local place & bring along your own reusable containers to fill your belly rather than landfill. 

A few recommendations for you for your next takeaway adventure…..

  1. Ask how many containers you might need

  2. Take an extra container in case they have condiments for you, including for breads as they often come in “foil” type bags (often they have a plastic layer & don’t break down)

  3. Tell them that you are avoiding plastic so they don’t slip in extra sauces in little plastic containers

  4. Let them know you don’t need plastic cutlery or straws, often these are added without you knowing

  5. Take a large bag, durable enough to hold the full containers

  6. Thank them for their accommodating awesomeness!

Next time I pop in im going to see if they will add a sign to their counter saying something to the effect of “we welcome your own reusable containers for takeaways” or something like that (an excellent idea from a friend).

Fear of what “others” think can stop us from doing things we love.  This year has really pushed me out of my comfort zone & empowered me to step forward for a cause that is greater than fear of what others might think of me.  I think one of my favourite spiritual teachers said it best.

I challenge you to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone for something bigger than yourself.

Much love S xx