Home made toothpaste

So I’ve crossed the threshold  into the land of plastic free bathroom & body products!

For some time now I’ve been using natural products on my skin to avoid the chemical cocktail that’s in many store bought products as well as their packaging but I think this is a new level.


That’s right, how was I going to clean my teeth with anything other than the stuff that comes in a nice uniform line out of that nifty tube?

I’d seen loads of recipes around & some were pretty complex with tricky ingredients, so I decided to go with something nice & simple to start. I whipped up a batch using a few different recipes (mainly because it was what I had in the cupboards) & I’ve been using it for about a month now & I have to say I’m pretty impressed! 

The first few days were I have to say, a little of an adjustment. It wasn’t a nice little tubey dollop perched on the end of my brush, but a sticky running blob, melting into the bristles before I managed to brush with it.  After the first batch I decided I needed to adjust the recipe slightly (updated version is on the  blog) as it was, shall we say…different!  Once I had adjusted it & let it sit for a few days the consistency seemed to even up. The baking soda & coconut oil join forces to become toothpaste. Still not in a nice tubey dollop but perfect to scoop onto your brush.

One month in & its like I’ve been using it all of my life! Clean sparkly teeth Plastic free!Super easy to whip up & super easy on the pocket too!

Here’s how I did it – it will take you all of ten minutes to whip this up!


  • 4 tbsp baking soda

  • 4 tbsp cold pressed coconut oil

  • 8 -10 drops of peppermint/spearmint oil – food safe

  • small airtight glass jar

Mix all of the ingredients together & pop it into a nice small jar. I used a shallow one so I could get into it easily. Leave it to sit for a few days for the ingredients to meld together. Then scoop a nice blob onto your brush & make those pearlies sparkle!

Tart it up with a nice tag if you want to make it fancy or share the love as a homemade gift.

Also if you want a super nifty printable version pop on over to the recipes for the body page & print this puppy out!