Kumera chips with zesty Guacamole dip

As Autumn begins its important to nourish our bodies with warming foods like root veges, & one of my go to foods when I’m a bit tired, or fancy a nice juicy carb dinner, is a big plate of oven fries.  Probably not the sort of nourishment my body actually needs  but really, who doesn’t like hot, salty chips? Carb Heaven!  

Really if you don’t, its best we don’t talk any more…I only include carb lovers amongst my friends, so if that’s not you look away now!

In all seriousness though I love these little morsels & had been feeling somewhat sad about there plastic wrapped exit from my dinner plate. That is until I remembered those fancy chip machines! So after a little online research… read aimless internet browsing, I came up with 2 solutions, a plastic version or a metal version. Not much room really for another right! So after deciding I didn’t want to purchase either I remember we had one as kids. Perfect! I was heading home soon so I could check Mums cupboard & investigate the possibility of pilfering said item. Turns out she had it & was more than happy to share the love…no need for a undercover covert chipper operation. Unfortunately in our travelling excitement we completely forget about looking for it before we had headed north to visit my Grandma. It was at the breakfast table that Ma & I were discussing possible ways to courier it to my next destination that my lovely Grandma fished out this beautiful little gem & handed her over!

Well! This was exciting; such a beautiful piece had been placed in my mitts! Ooo the joy of it!! Soon crispy chips would be in my belly; via this lovely hand chipper that I’m sure had chopped many a chip for my Ma & her siblings.

So here we go, the first use of this lovely chipper & I thought I would share it with you….the readers…if you’re out there somewhere?!

I’m going to share with you this tasty & healthy recipe of Kumera chips with guacamole. Kumera is what I had in the fridge….someone whipped the last of the potatoes into mash!

Now of course you could chop these by hand but if you have one of these they make it O so fun!


Kumera Chips

1 fat juicy Kumera* (sweet potato if you are not a kiwi)

1 tablespoon of oil – I used coconut

1 teaspoon of Garlic powder

1 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt (or himalayan)

Fresh lettuce for serving


½ ripe Avocado

¼ lime

I clove of Garlic –peeled & crushed

Salt & pepper to taste

Spring onion


Get your oven heating up nicely at about 180C.

Wash up the fat juicy Kumera; if he is a bit fat & juicy you may need to shop him into portions – mine was a bit long to fit in the chipper.  Pop the portions into the chipper & make some chips! This requires a little gentle persuasion if it’s a vintage like mine; an excellent tricep work out!

Rinse off your chips & pat them dry with a tea towel – this is important & makes for nice crispy chips later in the game, do not skimp on the patting.

Into a bowl they go with the oil, garlic powder & salt & mix until they are nicely coated with flavoursome goodness.

Pop them into a baking tray & into the pre heated oven & wait for those puppies to crisp up.

Now get that Guacamole ready to go, gather up your bits.

Mash up the avocado, add the garlic, lime & salt & pepper to taste. If you feel like a bit of a kick add a nice fresh chili. Add it to a handsome bowl for serving & top with chopped spring onion.

By this stage your chips will be ready to peek at & give a wiggle in the dish, so do just that – approx. at the15 mins mark.  Pop them back in the oven.

After another 15mins has passed they should be starting to crisp up nicely. You want their bums to be caramelised & slightly brown…best pop one in your mouth to sample at this point.

When they are crispy brown & ready, serve them up with some fresh crunchy lettuce & your zesty Guacamole.  I like to take a lettuce leaf, add a little of the guacamole & then stuff a few chips on top…Vege san Choy bow style (or disgusting eating habit…you decide).

That’s it! Easy, tasty, heathy, plastic free & not to spendy on the pocket as well. Perfect for a Friday whip up after a long week!

Enjoy S xx

*This serves one, because I wanted it all to myself, but if you feel like you want to share the crispy love allow an extra Kumera per person. Printer friendly recipe here.