Lets do Plastic Free July together!

Plastic Free July starts in 4 days & while I’m sure you guys are really aware of reducing your Single use plastic use I thought this could be really fun to do together!

I’m already in full Plastic Free living swing but I still end up with some when I’m not on my toes & I want to improve on that.

I’ve just completed my registration & my pledge is to avoid all Plastics, keep a tally &  share tips, tricks & alternatives to help you guys along with the challenge. 

No need to panic though if the thought of avoiding ALL plastics is daunting, you can opt to refuse the top 4, Straws, Plastic bottle, Plastic Bags & coffee cup lids & start out slowly.

Feel free to post your own tips & tricks to my Facebook page & at the end of the month I will have a Prize pack for the best tip or trick from my shop!!

Now it will be a challenge & you don’t have to be perfect but every little bits counts & I know how powerful a person’s influence can be by leading by example, so do what fits for you.

I love this infographic from Jane @ Learning Fundamentals, its has the best alternatives so print it out & pop it on your fridge to remind yourself.

It’s a fantastic way to connect with people & learn some new ways to avoid plastics so I urge you to get on board & give it a try!

Check out the link to register here.

Exciting stuff, look forward to sharing this journey with you together!!

S xx