Make your own Plastic free sweet treats

Single use food packaging accounts for such a large percentage of the Plastic trash we throw away.  Its non recyclable & will sit in landfill for well over 1000 years. It doesn’t make sense to me to create such waste for a quick treat or snack so want to share some of my sweet treat secrets with you so you too can avoid single use plastics.  A few of the recipes have been sneaking around in the recipe section but I would love to share some that i have created in my mission to avoid Plastic.  

Now when I say sweet treats I actually mean treats with natural nutrient rich ingredients.  My body has to carry me through all sorts of journeys so it makes no sense at all to me to fuel it with processed junk or refined sugars.  Occasionally I do go there & it never works in my favour.   If I have the popular store bought chocolate (pre 2105 of course), shall we say one that comes in a purple wrapper, I feel terrible….really terrible.  Within the  first 10 minutes I have a sugar headache, followed by lethargy, furry teeth & of course a non-recyclable Plastic wrapper. 

For a really easy peasy sweet treat have some Medjool dates on hand. Soft & sweet & packed full of goodies like fibre, potassium & they are excellent for blood sugar regulation so they will satisfy that sweet tooth for shizzle (yip i just said that, sometimes you have too!).  You can buy these in pre-packaged containers but in the vege section of a lot of Supermarkets they have them loose so you can select what you want.  Fill up your own bag or if you don’t have yours handy find the paper ones they have for Mushrooms & fill that up.

If you are feeling creative whip up a batch of  bliss balls, all you need is a food processor & some ingredients.  Well yes of course I hear you say, but really what I mean is you can almost biff anything in these things.  Heres a base recipe to start with.  If you don’t have some of the bits just substitute with what you do have.  Nuts for other nuts, that sort of thing.  Get crazy & experiment.  They freeze well too so good for tucking away for another day.

Heres a super duper quick number for over ice cream (just like ice magic but without the packaging) or warm brownies even…ooooooo my!  5 minute Chocolate sauce is really that, its takes 5 minutes…or maybe less…but not much more.  It stores really well in the fridge & just a quick warm in a hot water bath & bobs your uncle, its really for another pudding…that is if you had any left from the first time! 

Ditch the Single Serve wrappers & check out these bad boys, Super easy Nut bars.  Healthy, guilt free, crap free, plastic free, muesli bars for lunch nibbles.   Fill your little ones bellies with goodness & they won’t even know its healthy.  Perfect if your kids have “Waste-free” or “nude” lunches.  Nude lunches are where the parents pack food that didn’t come prepackaged, cut fruit, nuts, real sammies etc. I love this movement as it not only teaches the kids but helps parents rethink what goes into daily lunches.  Real food, less waste & save money.  Check out this post from Down to Earth Mother for some Nudie ideas. 

Now this I like to have on hand as an after dinner treat.  Its best kept in the fridge & I find I only need a wee bit to satisfy my cravings.  I mean its called Chocolate bark….need I say more.  Its a 5 minute whip up so it really is a must to try.  Again, you can tart this up to suit your tastebuds.  They are loads of Paper wrapped chocolates around so even if you don’t make your own its really simple to choose the paper over the plastic wrapper ones.

Now I’ve saved my ABSOLUTE favourite for last.  Drum roll please………..

RAW SNICKERS SLICE!  Yip thats right, the gooey caramel centre, crunchy roasted peanuts, a rich chocolate topping & all natural ingredients.  It really really REALLY does make a better treat than the original bar.  I’ve made this for plenty of people & they are amazed when I tell them whats in it.  No refined sugar or crap, just wholesome natural food without the Plastic wrappers!  You can’t beat that.  

Whip this puppy up to impress your friends…or stash it in the fridge, tell no-one & scoff it yourself..the choice is yours…I won’t judge.

Hopefully you feel inspired to make up some sweet treats for yourself.  All of the ingredients are readily available at your local bulk store & not tricky to come by at all.  

With every food choice we make we make a statement about who WE are & how we treat our planet.  Its not up to someone else, its up to each & everyone of us to make conscious choices with food packing.  Its a really simple way to reduce the Plastic that you are using,  avoiding single use can be easier than you think. We also choose how we want to feel with every bite we eat so why not make the choice to fill it with nourishment over junk.  Your body & this planet will thank you for it.

S xx