PFJ Tip – Ditch the Straw

This is a really really, REALLY simple one…….

Ditch the Straw

In my mind I think “why do I need a straw, that’s what my mouth is for right?”.  Sometimes using a straw is super satisfying, say when you are enjoying a smoothie or a milk shake.  Drinks that are thick are best enjoyed through a straw & ditching straws does not need to diminish such worldly pleasures.

Over 500 million straws are used in the US everyday, or 1.26 straws per person per day or enough to fill 125 school buses per day or 46,400 school buses every year!!

Its time to swap the plastic in favour of a bamboo, stainless or a glass number & I can guarantee you your drinking pleasure will be doubled!  I have all 3 & carry at least 2 with me at all times.

Now if you don’t already have one they are cheap & easy enough to pick up at your health food store or if you fancy a nifty handmade Hemp pouch with straw & brush combo check out these that I have whipped up. Whatever you decide they are an excellent investment & kids LOVE them!

Remember when you are out & about at the local café, restaurant, bar or wherever it is you may be getting a beverage to assume that they will add a straw so at the point of ordering ask for “No Straw please”.  I like to get mine out & wave it around, not in a crazy fashion just as an indication you know……helps them remember as its so automatic to put them in.

So there’s another super simple way to Reduce your Plastic use without too much effort at all, just a change in behaviour.

I’d love to know what other tips you are doing for your Plastic Free July & don’t forget to post them up to my Facebook Page to win the prize pack!!

Much love Sarah xx