Plastic Free July –

Hello again after…. errrr-hmmmm….quite a long break & happy Plastic Free July !

Its all rather hectic running a small business, planning workshops, keeping up with all the social media bits & bobs all whist having a full time “day” job & living life, so this blog business gets put to the side.

What better time to get it up & going again with Plastic Free July starting right?

Many of you know I’ve been living to actively reduce my plastic for 3+ years now & while I do a pretty good job, things slip……yip…..plastic makes it into the house!

Last year I moved in with my partner & while he didn’t sign up to this lifestyle he gives it a damn good go! (insert very proud emoji’s).  Always takes his reusable cup for coffee, refuses single use plastic bags, listens to my chatter about Plastic pollution (which is daily), reports on articles about Plastic Pollution he sees, but plastic makes it in to the house…… the recent sushi fish that was popped into his takeaway sushi bag unknowingly.

Now I’m in no way placing the blame as I’m more than willing to dip my hand into a bag of purchased snacks or crunchy salty potato chips (my kyroptonite) so I figure that makes me a partner in crime.

We currently have a separate bag in our kitchen recycling spot for soft plastics, mostly food packaging, that goes to Coles or Woolies ready to be down-cycled into other things.  You can do this through Redcycle (read more about “how to” here), but I still think we can reduce our soft plastics more with a little effort.

If we know anything from current recycling crisis & the recent ABC series War on Waste, recycling is far from the solution & the current system is unable to handle what we are throwing at it.

So this Plastic free July we have decided to be a lot more mindful with our soft plastics food packaging & reduce it.  It’s really the only area in the house that could do with a little “Plastic Free July” magic.   No more jelly snakes in the house.

Plastic Free July is not about depriving yourself or going without, but raising awareness, “seeing” Plastic & making changes that fit you – changes that will last well beyond the month. 

With that in mind we have created a “safe list” consisting of 2 items that can be purchased if in plastic.  My thinking is that by allowing a couple of “safe items” its a great mindful way to think about our other purchases & alternatives.  I’m angling at Corn thins for mine, one of my favorite snacks with homemade humous but hoping someone else adds potato chips…wink wink.

So back to our home made snacks; Tamari Almonds here we come, less plastic in our soft plastic recycling & more moola in the bank!

So if you are thinking about joining Plastic Free July this year I encourage you to do so. 

Register here.  

It will be life changing for the better.  The benefits to both yourself & the Planet are immeasurable.  

Baby steps, do what fits for you & your family & you will find your groove.

Ill be posting tips via Instagram over the month so pop on over there but for now here are a few tips to get you on your way.

Big blessings to you all xx

Practice the 4 R’s

  • REFUSE – all single use

  • REDUCE – where you can

  • REUSE – what you can, donate things others could use

  • RECYCLE – as a last resort, what can be recycled with your local councils

Get natural with your cleaning products –  Easy recipes in the tabs above

Declutter your skincare & replace with natural products – more about that here

Note: It the time of writing this our list has not been discussed again so if you are reading this cohabiting buddy, we need to firm this up!