Plastic Free July…….I dare you to join me!!!

So there is there is this awesome initiative coming up next month that aims to raise awareness around Plastics, namely the single use stuff that we use on a daily basis.  Its called Plastic Free July & what do you know…its in July, next month…just around the corner, HUZZAH!!


Now you can get into this as much as you like or just take baby steps but the challenge is that, quite simply, to attempt to refuse all single-use Plastic in July.  Think you are up for it? How about for a week…or even a day?  Their website has some really great suggestions & tips to get you started but they invite you to start with the 4 Top offenders, plastic bags, water bottles, takeaway coffee cups & straws.

So its pretty clear I will be doing this but I would LOVE it if some of you lovely folks out there would join me on my quest & take up the challenge.

Here are some stats to inspire you…..

  1. EVERY piece of Plastic every made is still out there, festering in landfill or clogging up our oceans….. Every Single Piece.

  2. It can take anywhere between 20-1000 years for a plastic bag to break up, & by break up we mean down into smaller pieces & into polymers and toxic chemicals – the fish you eat swim in this chemical soup & then you eat them….you are eating the Plastic you throw away.

  3. Fish, Turtles, Dolphins, Whales, Seabirds & other marine life can become entangled or mistake plastic for food, suffocating, trapping & killing them.  When they die & degrade they Plastic bag is free to kill again & again & again….& again.

  4. Australians use 3.92 billion plastic bags a year, that’s over 10 million new bags being used every day. 

  5. An estimated 3.76 billion bags or 20,700 tonnes of plastic are disposed of in landfill sites throughout Australia every year.

  6. Australians dump 7,150 recyclable plastic bags into landfills every minute or 429,000 bags every hour. 

  7. Approximately 13000 – 15000 pieces of plastic are dumped into the ocean every day or 6.4 million tonnes every year.

  8. There are 5 Gyres in our ocean where Plastic gathers & swirls & suffocates Marine life

  9. At least two thirds of the world’s fish stocks are suffering from plastic ingestion – Fish for dinner anyone?

  10. 500 Million straws are used in the US alone daily

  11. Currently only 3% of plastic bags are recycled in Australia & can only be “down cycled” to a lesser grade plastic 

  12. It costs US$4,000 to recycle 1 tonne of plastic bags and you get a product that can be sold on the commodities market for US$32.  Doesn’t make sense to me!

  13. It is estimated that it costs governments, businesses and community groups over $4 million per annum to clean up littered plastic shopping bags


    #Thanks to Clean-up AustraliaOcean CrusadersSimply Straws & 5 Gyres for this info

    So what I am proposing to you all is to check out this challenge, register & see what you can do to Reduce your Plastic use over July.  Ill be giving some tips along the way & I would just love you all to post some snaps on my Facebook page of some great ways that you are rising to the #Plasticfree challenge. Be sure to keep all of your plastic that you do come across in July to share at the end of the challenge.

    I think i might have some wee surprises & giveaways along the way for exciting pics that you post to my page as well…..exciting!

    Every little bits helps so whether you dive right in or just dip your toes in at the edge it all contributes to the bigger picture. So I’m bloody excited…how about you!

    S xxxxxxxxxx