Plastic Free snacking – Nut & Date Bliss balls

Bliss balls!  You may have heard of these tasty morsels before. They moonlight under many names & you have even made them yourself?

Either way they are the perfect little healthy treat to satisfy your tummy that doesn’t come wrapped in plastic.

I first discovered these wee fellows a few years back when my chiropractor gave me some she had made. I was instantly in love!  How could so much joy be packed into one tiny mouthful & be healthy!  Little did I know mum had been making a similar treat when we were kids called bumbles bees…the kiwi folk will know what I’m talking about here.   Little golden balls rolled in coconut with dates, puffed rice & a smidge honey inside them…school gala winner mama!

Eating nourishing, wholefood is integral not only our physical body but to our emotional body & last year my body were let me know when I wasn’t complying!  It was a roller coaster journey to get back to wellness but with some amazing support & advice I’m on the other side.  Now I’m not a nutritionist, but intuitively I know what my body needs to stay in a state of wellness but sometimes I choose to ignore it….. we all do.

I had to strip my eating habits right back. No more grabbing processed food because it was easy,  I had to plan my days food ahead of time.  This sounds like a whole lot of work but when you find some simple things that work for you that you can make in advance, you’re on your way. These wee guys are one of my staples in my lunchbox & fridge &  the bonus is that they don’t come wrapped in plastic as many of our modern handy snacks do. They are also the perfect way to curb the after lunch sugar low (on cue every day for me) & stop me reaching for something unhealthy.  With a little natural sweetness & packed with protein & super foods, they keep me going before until me next meal.  They are also brilliant for after exercise or after dinner…they are pretty much the ideal snack!  Also they are super easy peasy to make & if you have kidlets they might be keen to help roll these gems up & will be even more excited to eat them.  Wonderful to introduce them to waste free eating, healthy eating habits at a young age.

So I started playing around with different combos of ingredients, some good, some not so good until I found a few staples I go back to.  The beauty of these is that they can be made with pretty much whatever you have in your cupboard & you can adjust them to your taste.

I encourage you to start with this basic base recipe for the bliss balls & adapt it to what you fancy.

You will need a sturdy food processor to chop the nuts or a sharp knife & some patience & I recommend you use organic ingredients where you can.


1 Cup Puffed Buckwheat/Amaranth/Brown rice/Spelt or Quinoa (Australian grown)                        

1 cup of Almonds

1/2 Cup Pepitas or Sunflower seeds

2 Tbsp of Chia Seeds

1 Cup of Medjool Dates, with seeds removed

1/4 Cup of Hemp seeds (replace with Sunflower if you don’t have)

3 Tbsp Rice Malt Syrup – or other sweetener of choice – Maple Syrup is a goodie

2 Tbsp melted Coconut Oil

Sesame seeds & Shredded Coconut for rolling


Add the puffed Buckwheat, Pepitas/Sunflower seeds & Almonds into the food processor & blend away. When they are chopped roughly set aside in another bowl.  I like a bit of texture in mine but you might fancy them chopped finer.

Pop the Dates in the processor & pulse until they are roughly chopped.

Add the dry ingredients & with the processor on slow, add the Rice Malt syrup followed by the Hemp seeds until it mixed through. The mixture should be moist & form a nice ball when rolled.  If the balls don’t stick add a little more of the wet ingredients, if too sticky a little more of the dry stuff…simple!

With wet hands roll them into small balls about 30g, 2 or two bites worth.

Lastly roll half the balls in the sesame seeds & half in the coconut, I find it quicker & less messy to roll them up first & dip later.  Pop them on a flat plate & into the fridge for a few hours to firm up before storing them in your favourite jar.

This will make about 20 morsels…more if you roll them smaller.

These guys will last up to a month in the fridge….realistically they will be in your tummy within the week though!

You can adapt this recipe as you fancy, just keep the amount of puffed to nuts to wet ingredients ratio around the same.

Some other favs of mine are walnuts, figs, cashews, macadamias & sometimes dried cherries (avoid any with added oils, sugars or preservatives, there are naturally dried alternatives which your local bulk food place will no doubt have).

For a decadent chocolate treat pop a tablespoon of Cacao powder in the mix when you add the Rice Malt syrup in. Chocolate goodness all round!

Print this tasty recipe out here!


S xxx