Take your own refillable bottle

This is probably the most simple of all of the Plastic reducing Tips around.

Take your own water bottle!


In the US alone a staggering 50 Million plastic water bottles were used last year


Or  to put it another way, the Average American used 167 disposable bottles each year!  How many of those do we think actually get recycled? Ban the Bottle states that only 23% of these  get recycled leaving 38 billion water bottles in landfill, the ocean or littering the environment.

Its such an unnecessary waste when we consider we have access to fresh drinking water for FREE.  So why do we drink bottled water?  Do we think its better than tap water? Are we concerned about the potential chemicals, heavy metals or contaminates in tap water or does it simply taste better?  In reality we are just not thinking  about the environmental consequences of our decisions.

There may be times where you need to have bottled water, but on a day to day basis?  My first post ever spoke about the about the damage Plastic single use bottles are doing in countries like Bali, I’ve seen first hand the mess we are creating & we just don’t need too!

Plastic water bottle pile in Bali

So what can you do to avoid being part of this wasteful environmental disaster?

  • Invest in a Stainless steel bottle, heck invest in a couple & keep one in the car just in case

  • If travelling use water sanitation tablets to avoid lots of bottles

  • Invest in a water filter or Activated Charcoal to draw out water impurities for the home or on the go.

Charcoal as a water filter *photo via Saison

Personally I’m not so keen on tap water.  I prefer to filter my tap water & I find it does taste better.  This comes with a plastic cost though as at this stage the one I’m using has a plastic filter, which I very rarely change, which it itself is not a good thing.  I was out for dinner the other night & they were using activated Charcoal as their water filter.  It naturally draws the chemicals from the water & looks super!  Its next on my shopping list. 

So considering the environmental cost involved with plastic water bottles & the alternatives available to us there really is no excuse for buying bottled water.

Its all about planning.  When you leave the house, take your refillable bottle with you. I like to keep a spare empty one in my car as well….just in case!

Just by making this simple change you can make a really big impact in the fight against plastic pollution & save pennies for your pocket in the process!

Much Plastic free love

Sarah xx

*Ban the Bottle Facts