Cleaning Basics


Making some simple swaps in your kitchen can really impact how you operate.  Now I’m not going to tell you that your cleaning will be more fun with these but it will be loads more Eco & even a little stylish!

It’s important to use up what you have & as they tire, replace them with more earth-friendly options.   The goal here is to keep our footprint as light as well can & not get crazy buying the fancy new Zero waste thing on the market.

The best rules to follow are  REDUCE – REUSE – REPAIR – RECYCLE

Basic Utensils

Coconut fiber, metal or copper Scrubbing Pad 

Wooden dishwashing brush

Wooden/natural bristle bottle cleaner

Cotton Dishcloth – DIY from old towels, tea towels, knit or crochet one – or buy online

Wooden Scrubbing Brush

Wooden Loo Brush

Cleaning Rags – chop old towels & clothing

Old spray bottles – save those spray bottles ready for reuse

Natural Rubber gloves

Dishwashing Liquid – can be purchased at your local bulk store, BYO jar/bottle to save costs & pop it in an existing squeezy bottle 


Basic Cleaning products

Baking Soda 

Is a natural deodorizer abrasive, perfect for scrubbing areas that can take a little bit of elbow grease it also brightens. Purchased from the supermarket in Cardboard boxes (McKenzies) or in Bulk from your local bulk store.

Liquid castile soap  

Dr Bronners is great & can be purchased in 8L containers, mine has lasted me nearly 3 years! Stick to an unscented one & add essential oils.  Some Bulk stores sell castile soap in bulk as well.

White Vinegar 

Its acidity makes it effective for dissolving oil, grease & soap scrum. Don’t leave for long periods on areas that are porous like tile grout though.  Refill your own bottle in some bulk stores.  Manly Food co-sells in bulk but failing that opt for the largest bottle you can find in the supermarket.

Essential oils 

Perfect to lift the mood of any cleaning job as well as disinfecting & deodorizing

Disinfecting oils – Lemon, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lime

Deodorizing oils – Lavender, Eucalyptus oil, Tea Tree, Peppermint