Plastic free Tips

Some simple things that won’t cost the earth & that you can start today to Reduce your use of Plastic. Printable version here

Invest in:

  • A Stainless water bottle

  • Reusable glass coffee cup

  • Reusable Produce bags

  • Reusable Shopping bags

  • Glass food storage containers

  • A Cutlery pouch for food on the go

  • A Stainless lunch box


  • Food from bulk stores

  • Liquid goods like shampoo, cleaning products & olive oil from Bulk food stores

  • Loose Produce

  • Items in glass or cardboard

  • Goods second hand or better yet fix old ones, swap or barter

  • Local


  • All of your used glass jars for storage/freezing later

  • Paper bags

  • Anything that can be reused or repurposed


  • Purchasing anything wrapped in single uses plastic

  • Purchasing liquids in Tetra paks, recycling is expensive & not particularly accessible 

  • Purchasing bottle water, & soft drinks in plastic

  • Using Plastic straws

  • Using Balloons, they end up in turtles tummies

  • Using Glad wrap

  • Putting plastic lids on your takeaway coffee or tea

  • Using Styrofoam cups/takeaway containers


  • Shopping at your local markets

  • Composting, Bokashi or a worm farm

  • Growing your own herbs or veggies

  • Making more of your own food & snacks

  • Sharing & swapping tips with others

  • Check out your local, Sell buy swap, gumtree or barter pages for treasures

  • Taking responsibility for your local area, have a beach walk to pick up some trash

Remember, take it slowly, you want this to be a lifestyle change rather than a passing phase.  Do things in bite sized chunks.  If things are challenging or take loads of time the changes won’t last.  Do things as you feel ready for them.