Low Waste Travel

Traveling to another country can be a challenge when you are unsure of how things are packaged.  The best approach to take is to be prepared.  That can look different for everybody, so here are my travel musts to get you started.  

First up, don’t race out & get the newest Zero-waste things on the market, we are reducing our impact on the Planet so Look at what you have around you first.  You may adapt what you have or you perhaps you need a few new things altogether. It’s what fits YOU best.


1. Reusable water bottle

If you only prepare one waste reducing thing for your trip, this is the one! Bottled water accounts for a great deal of Plastic & many countries don’t have safe tap water like us fortunate folk.

I prefer a stainless water bottle for durability & can withstand boiled water if required.  Many hotels/hostels offer filtered clean water for free or a minimal charge, plenty cheaper holistically than bottled.  If they don’t, ask the kitchen if they can boil some water.  Most are happy too, but be clear with them you are after safe drinking water.  If you are going to a place where the water supply is questionable you could opt to take water sanitation tablets but in my experience, I very rarely need to use them, even when I was in India!  If you are ever in doubt though & need to get bottled water, do so.  Your health is paramount so trust your gut!

There are other alternatives but I’ve never opted for them as the above works nicely but I’ve popped them here for you to decide if they are right for you.

  • The Life Straw – you suck through this like a straw but I hear it requires a lot of sucking to pull the water through

  • The Steripen – Uses UV light to kill waterborne bacteria

  • Water Bottles with a filtration system inside – this blog post has a selection to investigate

2. Reusable shopping bag.

Again a handy thing to have as you will need it for shopping, food or otherwise & can double as an extra bag if need be.  With 8 million tons of trash & 80% of that being plastic entering the ocean annually, we just don’t need to keep using the disposable bags on offer.  You most likely have one already you can pack.

3.  Reusable coffee cup

Another Invaluable number, take away cups are the new smoking right?!  Use for hot & cold drinks & doubles as a storage container for snacks.  Coffee & drinks are often served in disposal cup, especially on planes so its a perfect way to reduce your use.  Check out second-hand stores there is often a handful floating around.

4. Cutlery pouch

Given you will be eating a lot more food out having reusable cutlery on hand is a must.  Biodegradable cutlery is not a viable alternative is it needs specific conditions or commercial compost facilities to degrade & still used resources in manufacturing.  You can create your own kit or check out my handmade number pouches in my store.  Add a straw to your pouch, its great for coconuts if you are heading somewhere tropical or glass bottles you don’t want to touch your lips.

5. Sealable container

This has been invaluable as a traveler for snacks when you are out. I opted for a one with a stainless bottom & plastic clip-on lid as it is leakproof.  The stainless isn’t ideal for hot things, but it doesn’t stop me from using it for that purpose, I just need to be mindful.  The durability & lightness of stainless,  sealing & low plastic makes it an ideal choice for me.

So there you go, some of my Travelling Favs & remembers, its important to do your own research & see what fits best for your needs & health.