Where to purchase Plastic free

Here are some sites that I have come across with products you might find helpful. These are sites I’ve used or have some great plastic free goodies to get you started.

House Hold goodies

House hold storage & lunch containers:  http://www.reusablesetc.com.au

Reusable produce Sacks:  http://www.greensacks.com.au/joomla31/

Onya:  reusable Shopping bags & Produce bags

Glass jars:  http://weck.com.au

Beeswax wraps:  http://www.honeybeewrap.com.au/collections/all

Lady bits:  http://keeper.com

Nice sustainable goodies: http://www.ecolosophy.com.au/collections/plastic-free

Household goodies:  http://rechusable.com/products-page/

Shampoo bars/soaps/cleaning products:  https://www.soaps.net.au/Shampoo_Bar.htm