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 Our sole purpose is to empower & inspire others to reduce their plastic footprint through education, DIY workshops & creating natural, ethical products that enhance & support your everyday lifestyle without costing the Earth.





wanderlightly was created to make a difference in this spectacular, but fragile world.  Initially, as a personal passion to reduce my own plastic use, wanderlightly has evolved into a space to share & create mindful solutions that support & reduce plastic pollution in everyday living.



50% of the plastic we use, we use once and then we discard it.

We are the solution to plastic pollution.


Hi, Im Sarah, the face behind Wanderlightly. 

I’m a passionate environmentalist, avid plastics pollution educator and creative Ocean loving Mermaid looking make a difference in this sometimes crazy world.

After a trip in 2014 to Tonga to swim with Humpback Whales where I witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of Plastic Pollution, I was inspired to start my own journey to reduce my Plastic use in daily life.

Fast forward a few years & a whole lot less Plastic & Wanderlightly has become a space for people to connect & learn practical ways to reduce waste & wander a little bit lighter on this land.

My absolute passion is to empower, inspire & connect us back to the Earth, to simplicity & ultimately to Planetary health. 


Everything we do has been considered mindfully, and with the Planet and her very precious resources in mind.  We are proud of our range & you can be sure you are shopping consciously.

Handmade & infused with love

Handmade & infused with love

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Toxin Free

Toxin Free

Eco friendly packaging

Eco friendly packaging

Vegan range

Vegan range

Ethically sourced & traceable

Ethically sourced & traceable


Eco friendly & sustainable

Everything we do is considered mindfully to ensure it has the least amount of impact on the Planet. Our products are built to last so we too are not contributing to landfill down the track.

  • Rescued natural fabrics such as Hemp & organic cotton & vintage

  • Locally sourced materials & ingredients, organic where possible

  • Upcycled – creatively repurposing old items in line with a circular economy

Minimal waste

We work hard to reduce our waste in every area of the business.

From using every scrap of fabric in our process to packaging our products in repurposed materials that can be rescued again, composted or recycled.

Hand made

Handmade in small batches every part of our process has been infused with love & damn good energy for you to take out into the planet.  It’s a ripple effect after all!

Transparent, fair and honest production

Everything we do is transparent. If it’s not made by myself, we have fully researched the supply chain & whilst some are not certified you can be sure we are happy with any of our partner’s production practices. 

All artisans have been paid fairly, have good work conditions & are working to empower communities.

Vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free

Proudly free from any nasty stuff, aluminium, parabens, palm oil, vegan & cruelty free. Small batch made in Australia with love.


 We donate 5% off all Shop & workshop profits to conservation initiatives.  This year your support helped to plant 1300 native trees in Tasmania to support reforestation & help Australia’s threatened native species thrive.








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